Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Can you surveybomb?

Everyone should know what photobomb is.

Let's see - can we coin a phrase - I don't think anyone has used surveybomb until now. Why not.
If you had an internal survey that you will use to shape policy and influence decision makers, you would make sure that it was secure, right?

Only the people who should take the survey will, right? After all, only amateur organizations with low standards would leave something open for everyone, right?

Well - as we know that only the best people are running SOME organizations after rigorous selection processes; one can assume that an open survey is just that - OPEN to all.

Well - by all means - if you are active duty, reserve, IRR, fleet reserve, or a "retired" officer, then by all means; contribute here!

Hat tip Salamander Underground.


Anonymous said...

I get a 404 error already.

Maogwai Cat said...

<span>Insane. I like this answer option best; <span>Perfer not to answer.</span>  
It seems that this little survey trivializes sexual assault, and presumes that our Sailors and Marines practice sexual assault as a part of their well rounded day, usually after a session of oppressing minorities. Very insulting to all the honorable people who serve.</span></span>

CDR Salamander said...

Ungh.  I hate when that happens.  Mefixie.

Anonymous said...

Looks like even old retired farts can even participate.

This is 4th quater, right? Gotta spend the money on something, so we might as well tell the males what low lifes they really are, right?

They could have just poured the money into more LCS waste instead.

Anonymous said...

Wow.  A survey that generates completely invalid results?  Brilliant!

Surfcaster said...

Oh, to bomb or not - that is the question. Where perfectly illegitimate people such as meeself can defy the rule set and opt for skewing the data at the altar of humor. Yet others can tilt the data at the altar of whatever windmill they so choose. How is that for accuracy?

Would you like fries with that survey?

CDR Salamander said...

I dont' paint over rust.  I document it.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Another push toward the all female/ghey military?  Neither of those groups (including the "twofer" lesbians) would ever require a survey such as this. 

14. <span>How long ago did you last receive training on Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR)?</span>

How 'bout:

14,  How long ago did you last receive training on your personal weapon?

22. <span>Do you believe your chain of command is adequately trained to assist sexual assault victims?</span>


22. <span>Do you believe your chain of command is adequately trained to lead you and your comrades into combat against the enemy?</span>

Here is another question/statement.

I have the skills to intervene in a sexual assault.

Where is the follow-up?

If I broke the arm and some ribs of the potential offender, and knocked out a number of his/her teeth, "most of my peers would support me".

hbp said...

Intesting.  I wonder if they will delete the data when they see it was a 61+ CDR that belongs to a 'ret' organization.

Surfcaster said...

My point being that it would be wrong for someone like me - well outside the scope of the intended audience - to go and SurveyJack and take the survey. I am not in one of the groups you mention (active duty, reserve, IRR, fleet reserve, or a "retired" officer) so I won't do it but my point is that I could and others not-intended could take the survey and skew the numbers.

The mere fact that the survey is in the wild should negate the accuracy of the survey. But instead, it will probably be heralded as a shining example of transparency.

John said...

That was fun!

Guest said...

Submitted with a slightly different demographic...

Combat Wombat said...

Shot.        Out.

Stu said...

My parting comments in the survey.

"I've been puzzled by the increase in Sexual Assault posters and such that have proliferated over the last year in all Navy commands (and not only because they are insulting and overly dramatic).  In my 20 years, I have never been in a command where there was a documented sexual assault.  Given all of the attention to this topic, one could conclude that the Navy must be filled with an overwhelming number of sexual deviants.  The difficulty in speaking up about this is that immediately those who are involved in putting forth such awareness campaigns get defensive and dismiss any criticism as being from those who simply are in denial of the problem, insensitive, etc.  Alternatively, one could also realize that there are many of us who simply believe too much of our resources are caught up in ridiculous, politically correct programs of this nature without a demonstrated problem.  Besides, I'd like to see similar focus on getting our procurement issues squared away or come a few years you won't have any ships to put Sailors on anyway.  I guess that too solves the Sexual Assault "problem." "

SouthernAP said...


This survey with all its warts will be used the same way as the DADT survey by the same people. Just accept that 1984 style Newspeak and the world will be better for you.

In reality and if we were dealing with honest people, than the stats guys would have taken some of this survey bomb data and thrown it out. If it destroys thier survey enough, then low and behold the survey is killed and the stats guys will have to find a new way to re-attack. That is if we were dealing with reality and honesty or as the US Navy likes to say "Honor, Courage and Commitment"

Alo said...

I contributed my heartfelt opinion, but delivered it in the guise of someone more appealing to the diversity police than my actual, white, male, conservative, Christian self.

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Don't take this in a "DADT" way, but the new you is a lot hotter, too.