Friday, August 12, 2011

Anglo-American Anti-Piracy in action

We've got friends of this blog all over the anti-piracy news ... if you look hard enough.

I'm talking about it over at USNIBlog.


John said...

Good work for sure.

However, let's hope that on the next piracy event that the guilty SOBs are still there, and quickly dispatched with lethal force.  Several iterations of that will work wonders to reduce the problem.  Threats of "lawfare" are ineffecitve and inappropriate.  Fine when being debated ashore, at on the high seas, piracy needs to be handled in the old fashioned way.  Not with a "global force for good" but "our ships will hunt you down and kill you" approach.

Or is our sovereignty and safety so compromised that we no longer wish to assert them, even against two bit pirates?

ewok40k said...

@ John -  in the lawfare/mediafare world, expect "USN kills innocent fishermen" headlines anytime when such situation occurs with lethal outcome. How to extricate us from that situation is beyond naval leaders, it is down to politicians... and we all know how do they work at the time...

pk said...

have  you noticed that the boys and girls in the stans are not taking many prisnors any more?

perhaps the nitwits are a few years behind.

we might even say that "lawfare" has caused the deaths of a considerable number of "borderline" festered rectums.

ewok40k said...

well, it just happens media has pretty much weak presence in AFG, and none in PAK - courtesy of taleban who happen to kill or kidnap any caucasian people that are not armed and in  large numbers... talk about suicidal PR