Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Funnies

Hat tip Theo.


Retired Now said...

Supply Corps
Nurse Corps
Marine Corps
Dental Corps
Chaplain Corps
Medical Corps
Civil Engineering Corps

Our Navy has always been diverse !

So why change ?

UltimaRatioRegis said...

Just had a conversation with a Navy LT regarding how hard he thought the Navy PRT is, especially the riding the stationary bike part.  Just an hour or so after taking the USMC Combat Fitness Test. 

I guess it's all relative.

LT B said...

It is a good thing I had my DADT training, otherwise I would have called him a three letter word questioning the LT's manhood.  Instead, I'll just say to the LT that I hope his testicals drop from his prenatal vagina. 

Squidly said...

Step 4 of the diagram is wrong.  Typically the SWO is trying to catch a few winks after pulling a night of ECC drills or the like.

Squidly said...

Jeez...the only thing easier than the bike is the sit and reach.   ;)
The bike is too easy.  

QMC(SW)(ret) said...

When did they add a bike test? I thought that was the Air Force.

Squidly said...

It's been around at least the past 8 years as an optional mode of completing cardio. All you have to do is ride it for 12 minutes and your score is based on # of calories burned / adjusted by weight.  Similar rules for elliptical, but the bike is easier by far.

It's nothing like the old Air Force test, which as based on maintaining target heart rate for some period of time.  Smokers and overweight folks had an easier time than marathon runners.

Grandpa Bluewater. said...

Until recently, our Navy has been victorious.

So why change?

Our uniforms over the decades are diverse. Screwed up, all too often, but diverse.

QMC(SW)(ret) said...

Ddin't know that, and I retired 5 years ago. The only option I ever heard to running when I was in was the swim test.

Squidly said...

The catch on everything but the run/swim is that the CO has to approve the alternate method. And, it has to be on specific machine models (not just any bike), which were initially not widespread (and still aren't on some bases).

And now the latest crux...Navy Times today says that a proposal has been submitted to award a ribbon to sailors scoring outstanding.  While I applaud our PT studs and studettes, do we really want to become like the Air Force and Army and award ribbons for making our racks, completing basic training, and the like?  Really?