Thursday, July 14, 2011

Diversity Thursday

Mapping bigotry.

Let us see - who do we NOT want to recruit?
2011 Summer Recruiting Events Schedule

* 2nd Annual Asian American Pacific Leadership (APAL) Career Fair
Washington, DC, July 8
* National Contract Management Association (NCMA) World Congress 2011
* Denver, CO, July 10
* Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) International User Conference
San Diego, CA, July 11-15
* 2011 National Conference of La Raza (NCLR) Diversity Career Fair
Washington, DC, July 25
* 2011 National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) Convention Diversity Career Fair
Los Angeles, CA, July 26-27
Various Locations, July 27-28
Don't you love the fact that they are supporting one of the most racist organization out there, "La Raza?" For those who don't know Spanish, let me translate for you, "The Race."

Shall we review the Queen's English again?
   /dɪˌskrɪməˈneɪʃən/ [dih-skrim-uh-ney-shuhn]
1. an act or instance of discriminating.
2. treatment or consideration of, or making a distinction in favor of or against, a person or thing based on the group, class, or category to which that person or thing belongs rather than on individual merit: racial and religious intolerance and discrimination.
3. the power of making fine distinctions; discriminating judgment: She chose the colors with great discrimination.
Remember - to actively deny something to one group that you intentionally provide to other is discrimination. Full Stop.

The cancer of division and sectarianism spreads.

Your tax dollars at work Serfs.


LT B said...

This just came out.  Two VADMs talking to the HASC talling the Congressmen that the Navy is all hosed up.  Hmmmm, is it because we have wrong priorities?  The fact that diversity, social engineering, huggly snugglyness and DADT repeal is more important than Fleet readiness might have something to do w/ this mess.  I wrote my rep and senator and asked for a perp walk.  I want accountability.  If we fire CO's five yrs after making a movie, I want to see some admirals called before Congress to explain WTF they were thinking.  This was predicted.  It was obvious.  It is a result of short sighted silliness.

Old Farter said...

So,  who the heck are we trying to appease with thte whole diversity thing? I can get trying to make the Navy look more like American society, but at what cost? If certain people of certain groups don't want to join, it's their problem, not the Navy's problem. I have had enough. Let's get back to our core missions. 

steeljawscribe said...

So..being right-handed my pistol scores and batting are better left-handed.  Does that make me part of the protected bi-sustinet class? 8-)
w/r, SJS

Squidly said...

You forgot Tagalog ;)

Aubrey said...

"Worse... I realized I do the mouse thing with my right hand for the computer.  I'm... bi-handed.   It's time I say that proudly.  I need to stop hiding who I am.  "

Dagnabbit, meet keyboard - again!

Grandpa Bluewater. said...

You insensitive bastards are completely ignoring the agony of those of us who are left eye dominant and right handed, or right eye dominant and left handed. And there better not be any jokes about cross eyes, it's Cross Hand-Eye Dominance Syndrome.

We will have our special needs and rights affirmed! Ambidextrous firearms and power tools for all!

UltimaRatioRegis said...


I have already filed a complaint.  You will be hearing from the Northeast Chapter of the NAAMP.  National Association for the Advancement of Magenta People. 


LT B said...

The left eye dominant thing had me always focused on the side of the pistol until they said, "hey dummy, use your left eye, not your right."  Aaaaaah, I see said the blind man.  :)

Sean said...

I am another Lefty. But only in writing and eating. Everything else is righty....but I am bi when it comes to soccer and kicking, but most people already consider soccer queer so that probably does not score me many points!

The sad thing is that the diversity clowns probably do not see the humor and might just take all of this seriously!

Grandpa Bluewater. said...

You will be hearing from the infinite shades palette coalition.  All shades are equal but some are more equal than others. You're just a typical Winter, see every thing in shades of black and blue and crimson. Mostly the last two. Completely anti diversity.

Salty Gator said...

You don't want to know what their recommendation to fix readiness is.

It is a GOAT ROPE.

More on that later, when it is safe to discuss without self identifying.

LT B said...

Politicians in Naval Officer uniforms basically means it can be nothing but a GOAT ROPE.

DM05 said...

Late to the show, off the grid with a youth trip to a large western US diverse city, That works, Very well BTW. But then, they're civilians that chose where and how to live. Why does the Navy- and full force of the government- intentionally <span>discriminate?</span> It is to wretch, Still.