Monday, June 21, 2010

Michael Yon caught in the open

If you recall, back in April over at USNIBlog, I put up a post as a heads-up to Michael Yon that it might be time to step back and take some time off. Other milblogs have weighed in as well in their own fashion.

Michael Yon has responded by attacking and changing the subject. Sad. He has responded to calling milblogs "milkooks" and "clowns" and "liars." Well, listen for yourself. Via the G. Gordon Liddy Show, listen to
Michael Yon himself, with a cameo from Uncle Jimbo and Mr. Wolf.

Oh, and Michael - some of us in the Milblog world have been to AFG, multiple times. IRQ too - and a few other garden spots. We are not the issue; your behavior is. For many of us, it started out of concern for you. It has progressed from pity to disgust for some. Anger for others.

Me? Well, I just wish Yon would listen to those friends of his that he has not alienated or is now ignoring.



Yon is the David Hackworth of the 21st Century.  Perfumed Princes everywhere.

Skippy-san said...

Michael Yon attacking Uncle Jimbo. There is an interesting irony there-especially since Uncle Jimbo has a record of not exactly writing in rational items himself. Seems to me they are more alike than different. Pot calling the kettle black-as one of your USNI blog links has also noticed.

Big D said...

Well, all previous events will probably be overshadowed now that Yon has his scalp (just not for whatever reasons he wanted it for).

Therapist1 said...

Combat stress is not limited to combatants.  It seems to me he needs a well deserved vacation.

jhp2 said...

What is Yon thinking? Without the Milblog community, he is unknown. It is there readers that have supported him all along.

Curtis said...

Dude's 2 and 0 now on the leadership and the ROE are already being shoveled into the bin of history.  Right about the time he started a major departure from deep milblog thought it appears that leadership in AF took a major departure from reality.  I can so see getting frustrated at that.