Tuesday, June 22, 2010

From Binghamton to Annapolis

For those who have not quite yet understood what kind of cancer D1 football is to the integrity to Annapolis - I would offer that you don't understand what it has done to other universities over the last century.

To help you out - I highly recommend a book that has nothing to do with the Naval Acadamy - but everything to do with the corrupting effect of an unhealty pursuit of football and other top-shelf sports at institutions who should be focused on education.

First, you should go over to John J. Miller's Between the Covers over at NRO (or iTunes) and listen to his interview with author Mark Yost about his new book Varsity Green: A Behind the Scenes Look at Culture and Corruption in College Athletics.

Someone in the Annapolis underground may want to slip a copy to the new 'Supe, RADM Michael H. Miller, USN. Just an idea.


DeltaBravo said...

I'm kind of proud that my alma mater still has no football team.  (Though they did go Final4 in b-ball a few years back.)

annepm said...

Hey, that looks like a good one.  It's in my Amazon shopping cart now.