Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Worst Homeland security decision of the year

Wearing my Red Cell hat, this decision just makes no sense.
The U.S. Coast Guard officially assumed responsibility for air intercept operations ... Coast Guard HH-65C helicopters and crews will be responsible for intercepting unauthorized aircraft which fly into an air defense identification zone surrounding Washington.
In the Red corner, a 767-200ER: 351,000 lb, cruising speed 530 mph.

In the Blue Corner, HH-65: 9,200 lb, cruising speed 135 KTS max. Weapons ......... ummmm, errrrr, maybe a M240D or 50 cal sniper rifle.

Don't get me wrong, the HH-65 does ITS job very well. This is in the same book, no worse, as having something like a P-3 doing CAS. Please tell me there is something with a "F" in its name doing this as well. Please.

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