Tuesday, September 05, 2006

BBC sh1ts on America for 9/11 Anniversary

UPDATE and Bump: Go to bottom for the audio of the BBC add for the show and a transcript.
I had a lot of trouble finding the right title for this post. We are coming up on the 5th Anniversary of the 11 SEP 01 attacks on America where
2,773 civilians were killed in a few hours one morning. What story will the BBC World Service put out on 08 SEP? The British Broadcasting Company plans on putting out:
A Very American Witch Hunt: 9/11 Stories presented by Michael Buchanan (8 September)
Yes, it is about how evil and racist America is - you should hear the audio on the BBC World Service telling you about it. Smug.

A very rare moment. I am at want for words but one; shame.

I wish there was more out there than this. I would really like to hear the audio again - I'll post a BBC link once the show comes on.
Click here for the video if the embedded one below does not work. Sorry about the quality, but I recorded it on my digital camera and then using the power of my PowerBook, converted to to video. First half of the video has the advert in question - the rest explains itself. Transcript also below.

BBC Announcer: In the aftermath of September 11th, 2001, the United States believed it faces a new threat.

President Bush
No one should be singled out for unfair treatment because of their ethnic background.

BBC Announcer
The BBC meets American citizens who were caught up in the War on Terror

Woman #1:
The whole image of any Arab person speaking(?) like he is a terrorist.

BBC Announcer
911 stories. Coming to the BBC world service Friday, September the 8th.
Note in the radio add I recorded, unlike the first ones, they took out the "witchhunt" though it is still on line. Cheeky monkey BBC.


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