Saturday, September 09, 2006

Cluster bomb cluster

Hard to believe, but 30 United States Senators want to be a member of the Targeting Cell down in J3.
The Cluster Munitions Amendment would prevent funds from being spent to purchase, use, or transfer cluster bombs until the Department of Defense has adopted rules of engagement to ensure that cluster bomb are not used in or near any concentration of civilians. [....]

“For too long, innocent civilians, not enemy combatants, have suffered the majority of casualties from cluster munitions. The recent experience in Lebanon is only the latest example of the appalling human toll of injury and death. Strict rules of engagement are long overdue, and I hope the Pentagon will support this amendment to ensure that our cluster munitions are not used in civilian areas,” said Senator Leahy.
In most of the 2006 world, everything is a civilian area. How do you define "civilian area?" If the enemy is attacking you from a "civilian area" do they get a pass, or do we our people die until a PFC reads them their Miranda rights and hands them over to the ACLU?

Yes, just what we all need. Reminds me of the Army JAG that decided that our Snipers were war criminals, or the ignorant masses that would let Napalm (it is just jelled petrol, you putz) be burned. People who just don't know what they are talking about.

Then again, maybe it is just me. Post the AUG Israel-Hez conflict, when the question came from the usual suspects, 'Is there ever a proper use for a cluster bomb.." I immediately thought of 10-15 depending on the terrain and weather.....

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