Saturday, July 02, 2005

Vets bring the war home to their families

Forget the Vietnam victim industry's PTSD, forget all the Hollywierd "soldier comes home and kills everyone" movies of the '70s and '80's that the smearers love so much - this is the true horror of what our men and women will bring home from Iraq, Afghanistan, or some other deployment that will haunt and terrorize their family.


Lets be honest here. We have all thought it. Most of us have been guilty of it. From "I don't need to take a shower every day..." to "I need to keep some of these heater packs from the MREs for the next camping trip."

Cowboyblob has a visual of something I actually let come out of my mouth once home, only to be greeted by that stare only the long married will understand.

It involved camo netting, the sun, and a desire to save money. I will let Coyboyblob's pics tell the rest; with a quote from him to state what most folks reading this will think...."Good idea." Now, run that by the miss'us. My readers from the civilized side of the human equation already understand.
The netting, in combination with the mister system, tamed the otherwise brutal summertime western exposure.

Let's be honest here. What more does a man need? We have camo netting, a grill, a hammock, a card table. What would you add? An outdoor bar with beer cooler? A girlfriend named Heidi that works for SAS (as a pilot) that knows Swedish deep-tissue massage and is a bikini model, Phi Beta Kappa, and a tri-athlete? What?

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