Monday, July 25, 2005

Marine's grave desecrated in PA

....and his family's spit upon by a hateful troll of a human that showed up uninvited to his funeral. That is about as close as I can get to describing what was done last week in PA.

Rhonda Goodrich of Indiana, Pa., said yesterday that a funeral was held Tuesday .. for her brother-in-law, Staff Sgt. Joseph Goodrich, 32. ... (who) "died bravely and courageously in Iraq on July 10, serving his country."

In a phone interview, Goodrich said the funeral service was packed with people "who wanted to tell his family how Joe had impacted their lives."

Then, suddenly, "one uninvited guest made an appearance, Catherine Baker Knoll."

She sat down next to a Goodrich family member and, during the distribution of communion, said, "Who are you?" Then she handed the family member one of her business cards, which Goodrich said she still has.

"Knoll felt this was an appropriate time to campaign and impose her will on us," Goodrich said. "I am amazed and disgusted Knoll finds a Marine funeral a prime place to campaign."

Goodrich said she is positive that Knoll was not invited to the funeral, which was jammed with Marines in dress uniform and police officers, because the fallen Marine had been a policeman in McKeesport and Indiana County.

What really upset the family, Goodrich said, is that Knoll said, 'I want you to know our government is against this war,' " Goodrich said.

Catherine Baker Knoll is the Lt. Gov. for the state of Pennsylvania.

Knoll should be fired and gibbeted immediately. The Gov. of PA should be dragged out of his hole and respond to the people of PA NOW. Silence is approval, coward. Knoll represents the excretable ooze of the American Left. Give her a speaking position at the next DNC fundraiser. That vein on my forehead is throbbing so hard I can't think straight. I don't care if she is a womyn, and I pray for calm, but sometimes someone deserves to be hit. Money changers at the Temple; grave robbing politicians - sometimes face-to-face accountability is called for. Why, oh why, is this scupper trout still in office?

Beyond the personal, there are professional/political issues here as well. the State of Pennsylvania in a state of rebellion against the Republic? Didn't we solve the issue of States having their own foreign policy a while ago? Gov'nah; get out in front of this NOW!!!! The people of PA deserve better.

My head hurts, and my heart for Staff Sergeant Goodrich's family. No one should have to put up with that.

To the "Wall of Shame" with you Knoll, you deserve no title but scorn.

Here is a better American. Yea, I said it. Sue me.

Hat tip
JPod ...again.

UPDATE: The PA Gov. has made a lame response; "I'm sorry" maybe, perhaps. I'll let the PA voters work this.

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