Monday, July 25, 2005

Everyone should go TAD to Norfolk... they can tell BRAC that they are STONED, SMOKING DOPE, HIGH, working on the flight deck, whatever phrase you want.

They want to
add a few thousand more cars to 564, Terminal Blvd, 64-264, and the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel every day?

Did they make the drive at 0630-0730 or 1530-1800?

Harumph. Time for a high fiber breakfast.

DISCLAIMER: It is not a well hidden fact that I am not a fan of cramming the balance of your fleet in a few easily attacked ports. On a quasi-unrelated issue; I am one of the few, the scorned, that are fans of the '80s
Strategic Homeporting concept. It has nothing to do with traffic per se. But if the bean counters didn't win over the warfighters, we would still have Charleston. If you haven't been to Charleston in the last 15 should go. You will want the base reopened yesterday. If you want to quickly cut the U.S. Fleet down a notch or two, then the Norfolk-San Diego concept is just dandy. Easy access, easy target. Now, about Cecil Field..

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