Monday, August 02, 2004

Stand-by Shipmate, We're Coming to Take You Home

For over 40 years, they have been on the Kronborg glacier in Greenland waiting for their country to come and take them home. While flying on a very cold North Atlantic day on 12 JAN 62, these 12 men perished during the a Cold War mission our of Iceland.

In 1966, we managed to bring some remains of 7 out of the 12 home. After that, the other 5 have sat on that glacier, waiting. As early as 1995, human remains could be seen. A great summary
here of the men, the mission, the plane, and the efforts, however few, to do the right thing. Another solid summary here with pictures of the 1966 "recovery" and some graphic descriptions of what was seen then, and 1995. For the perspective of the family members, this says it all.

For those of my generation, the young men who lost their lives on that JAN day were our fathers, and uncles. The national shame is that we have allowed so much time go by, letting the dishonor of leaving our dead on the field continue.

Well, cheer-up. This AUG, CAPT Tom Sparks USCG is leading a solid effort to bring everyone home. After 38 years, we are making another attempt to bring LA-8, and the VP-5 crew of P-2V 131521 home. Godspeed and good luck.

Thanks to
VPNAVY for all the hard work keeping this on the front burner. If you are interested in seeing who is still waiting, this link outlines who is at Arlington National Cemetery, who is buried at home, and who is still waiting on the Kronborg glacier.

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