Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Lieutenant General Gard, US Army, (ret) "America Sux"

General, congratulations!!! You have made it to the Wall of Shame.

What happens when you take bitterness, disappointment, excessive self-esteem, a blovating ego, and stir it up in a soup of Ivy League self-importance?

Looks like you get retired Lieutenant General Robert Gard who, it seems, is making a living being the “House General” for the hate-America-blame-America-first crowd.

The latest anti-American steamer coming out of the good general is to join in on the anti-AMB crowd, talking bad about his country and its military on
foreign ground.

Here is a beaut from his addled mind,

"Any country that launched such a missile would run the risk of a retaliatory attack that would be tantamount to annihilation."

OK General, so what you are saying is that is that North Korean crackpot decides to launch 5 of his missiles at the West Coast for whatever reason; we can assume that 3 will malfunction and 2 will head to California unmolested. Instead of having a good chance to bring them down and prevent loss of US and Korean lives, it is better to allow a few million Californians to die and to follow up by killing millions of Koreans? What????

Anyway, I have already spend enough time with this Harvard PhD, but here is a list of his other projects:

- Wanting to be nice to Milosevic and admit that we are bad for doing what we did in Kosovo (the poorly run campaign is a valid argument, just General Gard is off center in his analysis).
- Hanging out with
Senator Harkin about landmines.
- Second guessing our pilots in Iraq and
calling them murderers.
- Accusing the US on not giving a damn about civilian casualties (
that’s right General, we paint dead babies on our aircraft).
- Investing time with the poorly named wingnuts in the
Vietnam Veterans of American Foundation as their “Senior Military Advisor”.
- Chilling with the guys at anti-Iraq
Veterans for Common Sense

Gee wiz General, next thing you know you will be hanging out with those classic hate-America Fifth Columnist retired Flags at the Center for Defense Information. At least you aren’t a leader for Center for Arms Control and Non-proliferation. Oh, wait, YOU ARE!!!!

You know General, if you invested half the time worrying about minimizing the deaths of American soldiers as you did about the deaths of non-combatants, I might have more respect for you. As it stands right now, you seem to get a high out of proving to everyone how CONCERNED, how CARING, how SELF-HATING you are. I am sure you feel quite happy being the pet war criminal at the parties you attend in LA, San Francisco, Boston, Cambridge, New York City, and The Hamptons. Just remember, deep down, behind your back; not only do they loath you, they have no respect for you because you not only turned your back on your fellow Soldiers, you stabbed them in the back.

Then again, being that you learned your trade on the knee of that
butcher McNamara, I guess that explains a lot.

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