Monday, August 02, 2004

McPeak Speaks: babbling blame-America first: “The Emergence of the Manly Man” in the campaign, again.

Congrats General McPeak, you are #2 on the Wall of Shame!

From the man that was mostly concerned with outfitting AirFarce officers with
“Eastern Airlines” surplus uniforms, making sure everyone’s chest hair showed, and generally thought fighter pilots were the only truly perfect beings, we now have more idiotic “Wall of Shame” worthy garbage coming out of his overly inflated melon.

To wit:
At the DNC in Boston he stated during an interview that the United States policy is responsible for terrorism. That by attacking terrorists we are just making more.

What a plain old idiotic statement. Everything is our fault. I guess if we just turned everything over to the UN and came home terrorism would end, right Tony?

Well, General Tony McPeak (USAF Ret) was one of Dean’s advisors before he signed on with Senator Kerry’s campaign.

BTW: The AirFarce’s new “Tiger Stripe” uniforms in comforting “Ocean Blue” and “Sunset Turquoise”
are a bust with the troops. I love to make fun of the AirFarce, but there are some true 100# balls warfighters in the U.S. Air Force (props to my A-10 bubbas), hopefully they will win this one.

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