Friday, June 10, 2016

Fullbore Friday

I first posted this in 2008, but thought of the day I saw her coming home and wanted to share what was one of the best paint jobs I have seen on a warship in my lifetime.

Nothing in detail this FbF, because there is nothing open source about what happened when two submarines HMS Opossum and HMS Otus earned the best paintjob of any submarine with the right to fly the Jolly Roger on the way home -- and a good story that will be told someday about how they put the SBS ashore in the first Gulf War.

I saw the Opossum when she was headed home in '91. Looked even cooler underway. Just wanted to share that image.

UPDATE Since 2008, I've run in to a great series of pictures from that year. I didn't see it from my angle, or in other pictures ... but it is even better.

A shark's mouth. Excellent ... and Fullbore.

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