Thursday, March 26, 2015

What if we gave a war and everyone came

The Middle East sure is a dog's breakfast.

The last few years have seen a victory squandered in Iraq that is now soaked in blood again.

Syria is to a point that all one can expect is for it to be bled to still a lighter shade of pale.

Lebanon is, well, from worse to more worse.

Israel has won the Golan Heights argument for the next few generations, will keep building in the West Bank, and is still the jewel of that part of the world - but is having a bad relationship on a personal level with its benefactor.

Jordan is being held together by duct tape, bailing wire, and the best Arab leader of this generation.

Saudi Arabia is all over the place and decided yesterday to invade Yemen again to kill Shia. Looks like they are leading a Sunni coalition of the spanking with fighter jets from Jordan, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait, Bahrain. Yesterday saw Egypt and Pakistan stating they are in.

Interesting. As I've stated before, only someone who understands the plot lines of Game of Thrones will be able to explain how to the north of Saudi Arabia that in conjunction with Sunni partners we support Iranian proxies and Iranian-actuals to kill Sunni, and then to the south of Saudi Arabia we have those same Sunni partners who are at war with Iranian proxies.

Someone needs some quality time on the white-board to diagram it. I understand it in my head, but for the life of me I can't explain it in under 5,000 words and five diagrams.

Oman is  ... well Omanish - we can call that a draw along with Morocco and Algeria.

Yemen ... check your news feed on this proxy to not-so-proxy Sunni-Shia conflict, as I am sure my few words above did not help at all.

Egypt is back under the only thing that works there - a military dictatorship.

Tunisia is trying to pretend it is a suburb of Caan ... but is infected with Islamic fundamentalists who have the morality of Thulsa Doom.

Libya is Madmaxistan.

The only nation doing well is ... the Islamic Republic of Iran ... with whom we are are now acting as their tactical air force. Aloha snackbar ... or something like that. Let's make nose-art out of it.

The future? At best, we cull the herd and let the scavengers fight over the remains of the Islamic State. Even if the Islamic State is defeated, thousands of radicalized young fighters who survive will return home to France, Germany, Britain, Australia and the USA. They will not come home in peace.

What to do about Iran? We missed that boat when we abandoned the Green Revolution years ago.

Long war ... a very long war.

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