Monday, January 28, 2013


Can I go a week without enjoying a little facepalm with LCS?

No. Spin is fun to watch ... tap dancing too.

In additional news; light has trouble passing through opaque objects. Non-dampened vibrations cause inaccuracy, and horsepower ratings on helicopters cannot be increased by force of will.
"The Navy determined the MH-60S helicopter cannot safely tow the AN/AQS-20A Sonar Mine Detecting Set (AQS-20A) or the Organic Airborne Sweep and Influence System (OASIS) because the helicopter is underpowered for these operations," it notes. Additionally, the report says the AQS-20A itself exceeded limits in contact depth localization errors and false contacts.
In addition to being towed by the helo, the AQS-20A sonar is also on the unmanned underwater Remote Multimission Vehicle.
Ailes mentioned during that same interview that AN/AQS-20 reliability can be affected by a variety of factors, including temperature, velocity profile, pressure and clutter.
 I warned 'ye.

Hat tip Lee.

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Anonymous said...

Let's see. Everyone who flew the earlier models of the -60 knew that it was underpowered for it's mission. Now...up the max gross weight by a ton or so, don't change the transmission system or the engines and just "up" the limits on the TGT to make it "look" like it has more power and add a towed POS on top of it and what do you get?