Monday, September 17, 2012

Rep. Hunter (R-CA) Goes Salamander on LCS

Where is my magic wand so I can make this so? Where did I put it? CHHHIIIEEEFFFF!
U.S. Rep. Duncan Hunter said Friday that the Navy should consider building fewer littoral combat ships and use the savings to construct amphibious warships that could support the operations of the Marine Corps.

“There is a shortage of amphibious ships; this is one of the most glaring gaps in the Navy,” said Hunter, an East County Republican who served in the Marines and deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan.
Hunter, who has been a critic of the program, said Friday that the Freedom-class ship appears to be a great platform for special operations, and that the Independence class appears to be good at minesweeping and other types of missions. But he expressed doubt that 55 ships are needed.
OK. Let's kill it at no more than 30 and go with PLAN HUNTER.

I'm in.

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