Thursday, September 06, 2012

Diversity Thursday

Let's have fun with the (D)iversity Bullies as they try harder and harder to justify their six-figure paychecks!

Let's plow in to last week's fun (D)iversity foolishness from the DoS. Almost as good as USNA's Indian Runs .... time for some mini-Fisking!

"Diversity Notes" on pg.8 - always make (D)iversity your first stop!

Someone is trying real hard to earn a paycheck. Well, being that we are decades past real discrimination ... I guess you have to start to make shi'ite up.
How many times have you or a colleague asked if someone could “hold down the fort?” For example, “Could you hold down the fort while I go to…” You were likely asking someone to watch the office while you go and do something else, but the phrase’s historical connotation to some is negative and racially offensive. To “hold down the fort” originally meant to watch and protect against the vicious Native American intruders.
Well - they were vicious Siberian American intruders ... and they lost to the tribe that never stopped coming; just like they displaced the tribes before them, etc for thousands of years. My wife tells herself that on a regular basis as one part of her DNA argues with the other.

Being that my ancestors fought in and out of forts from New Orleans through Georgia about 200 yeas ago with mostly Siberian Americans against other Siberian Americans ... most of the time those they were asking to "hold down the fort" were Siberian Americans of the Choctaw, Cherokee (not Elizabeth Warren type), and Lower-Creek variety.

Sorry John, your blinkered view of history doesn't wash. Let's see what other horrors you have found in the air.
“Going Dutch.” Likely you or your colleague meant that each person pays for his or her own meal. The historical meaning: a negative stereotype portraying the Dutch as cheap because they will invite you to a meal but then not pay for it.
Good googly moogly John. Go get your passport stamped at Schiphol and talk to some real Dutch. They are tight and smart with their money, and take it as a source of national pride. Just try to tell them a Scot is cheaper, and they brain 'ya with their klompen.

They don't care - why should you. They also all speak English - so you should be fine ... just don't visit in the Christmas Season; your nogg'n might explode. Embrace other cultures John ... have this Christmas to DoS a Dutch Christmas!
“Rule of thumb.” This is an acknowledged and generally accepted benchmark. Many women’s rights activists claim this term refers to an antiquated law, whereby the width of a husband’s thumb was the legal size of a switch or rod allowed to beat his wife.
You know what is really sexist? Being a patronizing harpie indulging other people's ignorance. Just click here. We do not have to run our lives by the fevered paranoia of professional feminists.
There is no absolute verification as to the historical roots of the word “handicap.” However, many disability advocates believe this term is rooted in a correlation between a disabled individual and a beggar, who had to beg with a cap in his or her hand because of the inability to maintain employment.
John, read your own stuff; "no absolute verification as to the historical roots .... many ... believe ... " Well, some people "believe" that aliens enjoy spelunking human digestive tracks ... but that does not mean we need to incorporate their mental illness in to our daily lives.

Just a note taxpayers .... you are paying tens of millions of dollars - through the government - probably even in to the hundred million + in salary, office space, travel, benefits etc for people just like this.

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