Monday, July 23, 2012

Pyro made me a liar

Good googly moogly.

Just yesterday I was just telling someone something to the effect: "Shipyard fires are usually started when some ignorant jerk leaves a bunch of oil soaked rags in a pile because he never paid attention to the safety brief and never reads reports. The nuclear community is too squared away to ever let something like that happen on one of their boats.
He went to a state room for a cigarette break, saw a bag of rags on the bunk and set them on fire.
A $400-million bag of rags? Really?

To make it worse - he was under medication for anxiety attacks.

Really? We have people who suffer from anxiety attacks - on medication nonetheless - who are working in the cramped confines of a submarine.

Great .... now I owe that person more beer - after I check my supply of iodine pills because I think our standards are slipping.

To h311 with the PC police - if you have a diagnosed psychological condition such as anxiety for Pete's sake, I don't care if you are medicated or not, you ain't working on a nuclear submarine.

When did that start?
UPDATE: Well ... the accused has a MySpace page it seems ... we think; how many Casey Fury types are in the area? If this ain't him, someone let me know; otherwise, bask in it. Here is it.

Update II - Electric Boogaloo: USNI has the Federal charging documents.
Hat tip Bubblehead.

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