Thursday, April 22, 2010

Diversity Thursday

Let us look into the future. Let us be, from the point of view of race relations - dare I say - progressive (with at small "p").

If you ignore the debunked racialist theories of 30-40 years ago - if you ignore the monetary interests of the Diversity Industry - if you ignore the foam-flecked hate that exudes from Diversity Bullies - if you look towards, let's say 2040, what do we see?

Well, we will see more of the America I see every day - the America I know and love.
The number of multiracial people in the United States rose 3.4 percent last year to about 5.2 million, according to some estimates, and is one of the fastest growing populations as a whole. Interracial marriages increased threefold since 2000, with about 1 in 13 marriages of mixed race. If this trend continues, the question of an individual's race will likely only get more and more difficult to define.
In many places and situations, it already is.

However, we live in a Navy that is retrograde in mindset, and sold to the lowest bidder.

Admiral Mullen in
And the issue of diversity is very, very important to me, not just in terms of this kind of conference, but it’s a strategic imperative for the Navy. The world we’re living in is becoming smaller; it is a diverse world in many, many ways, as is our country. And in the year 2030, 2040, 2050, the majority in our country now become the minority and it’s vital for us, as a Navy, to be representative of that country, particularly from the – of our country in terms of diversity in order to carry out our mission. So there’s an internal strategic imperative that the Navy be set to do this in the future and it starts at the base. It starts with young officers, in particular.
Last fall the CNO said,
Then I say, ‘I’d like to have all the officers step forward,’ they start to look an awful lot like me. Then I say, ‘I’d like all the senior enlisted leaders to step forward,’ they all look a lot a like, then I go to our civil servant leadership or our senior executives and ask them to step forward, it would look an awful lot like me. We don’t get the best solutions when everyone is the same. We get our best solutions, our best ideas; we get our best initiatives when you have diverse opinions in diverse positions and diverse experiences that inform those initiatives and those decisions. Also we as a nation, not unlike the demographics of the world and in 2040 the United States is not going to look like us. So now is the time that we build the Navy of the future.
Well - it isn't all about you; and the future of America is one where race matters less and less - not more and more.

I guess the theme is supported by at the top, the retrograde President.
Mr. Obama had several options, as does anyone filling out the census. Starting with the 2000 census, respondents have been no longer forced to choose a single-race identity; they can now check one box, several boxes, or check "some other race" and then write-in their identity. Mr. Obama is the son of a black father from Kenya and a white mother from Kansas. He was born in Hawaii and raised there and in Indonesia. He chose to simply check "African-American."

From the perspective of science and biological anthropology, race does not exist. In other words, there is not one gene, trait, or characteristic that distinguishes all members of one race from all members of another. In fact, eighty-five percent of all human variation can be found in any local population, and a full ninety-four percent can be found on any continent. In other words, there are no sub-species when it comes to humans; we are, in truth, one of the most genetically similar to each other species of all species on earth.
Supported by these types ...

The retrograde "comedian."

See where that attitude gets you? Ain't pretty - but that is how the Diversity Bullies wants you to think. You aren't a Sailor or American first - you are what you claim your DNA is - even if it isn't accurate.

Where there is darkness - there is also light. This is the America I know - from an unlikely source.

Yes, my people. Americans.

What a concept. Maybe those in the Navy who supports those who feed and promote retrograde, debunked, racialist theories should check it out instead of giving status to the Diversity Industry that is infested with racial identity politics and sectarian hate - the kind that judges people by the color of their skin, not the content of their character.

The 21st Century America is better than that - and so is the 21st Century Navy.

Below is another example of the America I know - the America that is to come. If you agree with his politics or not - he is a man of the 21st Century - not one of the 1970s.

I want you to listen close to the beginning. He is describing what those who subscribe to the midset of the Diversity Industry and Diversity Bullies have to say about him. The same mindset that the USN shamefully sends millions of dollars to.

I see the future - and it is fine with me. Maybe one day Big Navy will join us. Maybe - but for now it seems stuck in Room 222.


ActusRhesus said...

I want to donate to that man's campaign.

MR T's Haircut said...

Col West is simply this:  An American. 

We can be so much if we embraced being American... that has not happened arguably since WWII.

When a man identifies himself by the people in his tribe, he will have pride.  If he is constantly told he is different he will stop believing he is a member of that tribe.


Diversity also is an excuse to NOT take part in our shared history.  Without a shared History, there is nothing to bind future generations.

MR T's Haircut said...

Diversity also is an excuse to NOT take part in our shared history.  Without a shared History, there is nothing to bind future generations.

AW1 Tim said...

 Square in the black, MTH.  One race: Human.

John said...

Sign me up as "Navy-American."

DeltaBravo said...

West is awesome! 

billq said...

I agree with you, but be careful about claiming there is no such thing as "race" because the science doesn't actually support you there. Call it "race", ethnicity or genetic sub-population .. the reality is there are identifiable genetic sub-groups. Already we can do DNA testing to determine ethnic background and this will only get more precise in the future.

Now, official racial categorization is as much about social dynamics and power. It is often arbitrary and ignorant. But a DNA test of Obama could identify both his European and East African heritage -- regardless of what he checks on a box.

One simple proof of the reality of identifiable genetic subgroups is that different groups suffer certain diseases more than other groups. Sickle-cell anemia is something that afflicts mainly black Africans, because the genes for that disease also help protect against Malaria.

Yes, what we share is more important than what makes us different biologically. And our ideas and ideals are more important. But some try to deny the reality of biology to make that point. Denying the growing mountain of scientific and medical evidence of the reality and usefulness of genetic subpopulation difference. "Race" is a loaded word, so I would just assume get rid of it.

Another example, Vitamin D. In America and Europe there is a huge problem with people suffering Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency is increasingly linked with cancer and heart disease. It is disproportionately a problem for darker-skinned people. Lighter skinned ethnic groups evolved in northern environments with less sunshine, which is why they are paler so their skin can produce more Vitamin D. Darker skinned ethnic groups evolved in equatorial environments with year long plentiful sunshine.

So, for example, a black African kid or South Asian kid who spends most of his day indoors is taking a bigger health risk than a white kid or northeast Asian kid (say, Japanese). White kids can get by with 15 minutes of sunshine day, black kids can't. A majority of African-Canadians, for example, suffer Vitamin D deficiency and should be taking supplements. Denying this reality does more harm than good.

Yes, the boundaries between genetic sub-groups are fuzzy, but that isn't an argument to say they don't exist, it's just how population genetics works. Different groups evolved and express different genes according to their local environments.

We'll know a lot more in the coming decades as the science improves.

Byron said...

I just wish he was up my way so he could run against Corrine (hawk, spit) Brown.

LT B said...

Funny you mentioned sickle-cell.  When I reported to my command in Japan, they said I had not had a sickle-cell test and I had to report to medical to get tested.  I was amazed and said that was a stupid waste of money.  Were they doing this to everybody because they didn't want to seem like we were focusing on Blacks?  Were Blacks taking PKU tests or tasax tests?  It seemed silly and wasteful to me. 

As a result, our gay JO in the command told the other JO's I was racist.  One of them said, "Um, dude, you know he married a Black woman, don't you?"  We twist ourselves in knots for this PC crap.  Stupid really, especially in the ever shrinking budgetary world w/in which we operate.  Nothing like throwing millions on diversity conferences, diversity directorates or silly medical tests so as not to seem racist.  BTW, I think we should also do sperm counts on females and count male ovum production.  Don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. 

Salty Gator said...

I personally am a white guy, dating a naturalized citizen (of indian descent who was born in South America).  So if all goes according to plan, we get married, have kids, and they become little Sailors, how will someone classify them?  Indian?  Hispanic?  White? "Other?"  And even if he/she is classified that way, it probably won't help them get ahead.  Instead, it will probably be used against them in the quota wars. 
The right answer if you want to get ahead on the basis of "ethnicity/race" is to be African-American.  Nevermind that on my better half's side, her family was brought to the West Indies as indentured servants--slaves, really--by the British.  They were as held back as any African slave was.  But they put their heads down and worked hard, sacrificed everything to come here, and now have 3 kids who put themselves through school and have multiple graduate degrees. 
As a country we have to stop making excuses why one ethnic group or another is not making it.  And we can't make our standards any easier.  Folks from many different ethnic groups and many different backgrounds have risen themselves up by the boot blousers and made it. 
Hopefully the Navy will stop buying into this BS and will lead.  All of my captains and 90% of my admirals have been African American.  They made it because of who they are.  Nobody plowed the road for them.  There are many more talented kids out there, and others with the raw material.  We need our leaders to influence these kids when they are younger, and to get them ready to meet the standard.

sobersubmrnr said...

Oh c'mon, Byron. It was just a few sandbags!  :)

cdrsalamander said...

No guilt.  In may extended family we have reclassified kids, in their teens, to both Hispanic and American-Indian.  

No guilt.

Salty Gator said...

LT B I really appreciated your post and can relate to it.  In my humble experience, the first ones to cry racism are the ones who have no friends who are different from them, either in thought, race, skin color, or religion.  They are predominately democrat (save for the hick with one tooth and an awkwardly small family tree), liberal, and love to bloviate about how everyone is less enlightened than they are. 

Salty Gator said...

I personally pencil'd in "100M Freestyle" when the census asked for my "race"

Salty Gator said...

hey bud thanks for the "Get well" wishes on facebook.  greatly appreciated!

Salty Gator said...

gotta do what you can so your kids don't get hosed being on the "wrong side" of diversity.  Lord knows that my blonde haired blue eyed sisters with perfect GPAs were a little surprised years ago when applying to universities.....