Thursday, October 02, 2008

Diversity Thursday

A picture says a thousand words. A PPT full of them describe the heart of a race obsessed, aggressive, and lost Diversity Bully.

From this PPT I linked to last month.

On a similar note, check out the second paragraph from an All Hands email by VADM McCoy over at NAVSEA. No threat there ... none at all ... no plan for active discrimination ...
The biggest event that took place this past week was the NAVSEA 2008 Diversity Summit, hosted here at the Washington Navy Yard. I was honored to have the opportunity to introduce CNO Roughead as our keynote speaker; he spoke about the summit's theme, "Holding Ourselves Accountable." As many of you know, I am a firm believer in ACTION. It is one thing to talk about all the great things diversity can bring to the table. But it is an entirely different thing to actually make it HAPPEN. Soon I will be meeting with Field Commanders and Headquarters Directorate heads to review actions they are taking to ensure that we have diverse fields of candidates being mentored and getting experience to move into management and senior leadership positions. We need to make sure all members of the NAVSEA team have an equal opportunity to compete for career advancement and leadership in our business. Beginning in January, the entire NAVSEA enterprise will start MEASURING the progress we're making with respect to diversity so we can truly start holding ourselves accountable.

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