Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gut check time for France

Don't laugh or get snarky; this is a new France - the good France. The French are trying to turn into the wind in AFG. This will test their resolve. So far, so good on the political front, but let's hope for the best response.
In unusually large and well-coordinated attacks in eastern Afghanistan, Taliban insurgents killed 10 French paratroopers in a mountain road ambush and at least six suicide bombers attempted to storm a NATO alliance base, NATO and Afghan officials said Tuesday.

The ambush, the deadliest single attack on the French military since 1983, led French President Nicolas Sarkozy to fly to Afghanistan to offer condolences and emphasize that France would stay in the war despite public misgivings at home. France recently sent 700 more soldiers to the country.
Another Battalion would work - remember Strong Horse and all that.

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