Friday, August 29, 2008

Fullbore Friday

The Falklands Island War. 1982. HMS COVENTRY (D118) from peacetime to sinking.

First things first; don't let the fact this was 25 years ago fool you. From a technology standpoint, the fundamentals are the same and the challenge is greater. You want to get in the Littorals? It ain't going to be just LCS.

From the outstanding Sea of Fire, this story should be see by anyone who goes to sea. I want you to focus on two things though. Two things, IMAO, that get fairy-dusted, happy talked, best-cased, and downright ignored when it comes to warfighting.

First is the well known and proven need for redundancy and defense in depth in AAW. We just don't have it. Missiles and multi-purpose main guns can not do it alone. CWIS and RAM are great - but good googlymoogly it doesn't take long to go Winchester, and you are always one CASREP away from having your pants down (see what happened to the HMS BROADSWORD; start at the 07:00 mark of part 4 of 6).

Do not downplay "off-line" crew served weapons. If you have an eyeball and a finger, they work. More talk in a small boat scenario post-9/11 has plus'd-up topside with mounts from 30mm to 7.62 - but simply not enough. When you are close in and the enemy is numerous, motivated and many -- you will do what you have to do to make up for the bean counter shortfalls. You will line the decks with every weapon on the ship in the drive to keep your ship afloat. When you get to part 4 of 6 below, look at the 07:45 mark and on to see what you get a little hint of in the intro. Like I have said before. See what you have and double it -- then add more --- that is what you need.

Second is damage control. Just watch parts 4, 5, and 6. Nuff said.

I offer you Captain David Hart-Dyke and the crew of the HMS COVENTRY. Get a cup of coffee and watch it all. I'll let them take it from here.

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