Tuesday, August 01, 2006

What if Irina was your daughter?

Thanks to reader A.L., who did the ground work here, we have an update from last weeks post, Remembering our friends in Iraq. The surviving daughter's name is Irina. A.L. will keep me up to date if we can get an address or something - for those who might want to send the 14 yr old orphan of a friend something. Romania has had a hard history, and is not a wealthy Western European country - and does not have the survivor benefits we take as a "right." I don't know what else to do but quote in whole.
LTC Stefan Balan returned as commander of the 280th Infantry Battalion from a 6 months mission in Iraq, serving his country.

The same day he returned from his mission he drove his car from the airport to his home town, in Focsani. On his way back he had a terrible car accident in which he and his wife lost their lives. The funeral will be held on 1st August, the same day both of them would have had their birthday anniversary . The Romanian MOD will take care of all necessary arrangements for the funerals.

Their daughter Irina, 14, has been severely injured and is still in a deep coma, in the Emergency Hospital in Bucharest. The doctors are very reserved regarding her chances for survival. Today she had a new CT scan, but nothing encouraging came out. The doctors (including doctors from the Military Hospital) are watching Irina 24/7. For the moment there is no charitable fund open for her or her family. It is pending her recovery. I will inform you if and how you could help.

Very respectful,
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