Tuesday, October 05, 2021

Japan Back in the Carrier Game ...

This really is an amazing video if you have a historically focused mind. 

Fresh from her modifications to fly F-35B, the Izumo is bringing the Japanese Navy back in the carrier business again … with some friends via United States Marine Corps F-35B.

The Japanese will be buying 42 F-35B and maybe more, so soon we will see the Izumo and her sister ships with the first Japanese fixed wing airwing at sea since the end of the Second World War.

I’d like more, faster – along with the South Koreans … and if we could get the Australians to play at some point that would be nice too … but this is all good news for navalists in the West.

Though not a “Western” nation, Japan is part of our network of allies and friends who stand for secure seas and the rule of law. The more of us who are strong and capable, the better we can contain other powers who see a darker future.

With USMC F-35B also underway for a full deployment with the HMS Queen Elizabeth – and even USAF CV-22B paying a visit – this is a good week for combined maritime operations that makes us all stronger and better.

Yes, this is a good week…but…more faster.

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