Friday, September 24, 2021

Fullbore Friday

So, you think you've had some memorable cruises, eh?

What do you think about this record?
APR 26, 1944T29 Torpedo Boat
APR 29, 1944T27 Torpedo Boat
JUN 9, 1944ZH1 Destroyer
JUN 9, 1944Z32 Destroyer
JUN 24, 1944U971 U-Boat
JUN 15, 1944UJ1420/UJ1421 Trawler
JUN 6, 1944M486 Minesweeper
AUG 6, 1944SG-3C
SEPT 6, 1944VEDETTE Patrol Boat
I give to you HMCS Haida, a Tribal Class destroyer who sank all those ships within 13-months of her commissioning.

As Jerry Proc so simply put;
HAIDA distinguished herself as Canada's most active warship by sinking no less than nine German ships in the period from April to September 1944. She was also involved in numerous other actions resulting in German shipping losses such as the Battle of North Cape in December 1943.

Here is a nifty little detail; besides a short period in reserve, she served until 1963, including service in the Korean war. Not bad for a ship quickly built in the early years of a world war.

If you find yourself in Hamilton, you can pay her a visit

Just look at her!

Fullbore my teethy Canadian friend; fullbore.


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