Sunday, September 05, 2021

Fullbore Friday

Right now throughout Afghanistan and the different ways out of that nation, Americans, Brits, and others are doing all they can to fill in the gaping scar of dishonor that is our defeat-of-choice and retreat from Afghanistan.

There are individuals, ad-hoc groups of like minded veterans, family members, and others who are doing all they can to help Americans, family members, and those who trusted and fought with us from almost certain death.

From American school kids, to helicopter pilots - people are trusted in our government to not leave them behind are trapped. There are good people on the other end who are doing extraordinary things to make up for the disgraceful official US government abandonment of those left behind.

Some are already to safety, but thousands more are still trapped in a nightmare that will only grow darker with time.

Over the course of the next few weeks you may hear of some of their stories, other tales will always be hidden due to the desires of those involved, but the stories will come.

There will be books and movies - some good some cringingly bad - that will come out over the next few years about what is happening right now in the shadows.

I don't have any specific stories to share this week - it isn't my place - but know this; we are a nation of great people who will always have enough people willing to take action even when our government fails us.

Fullbore to them.


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