Tuesday, December 22, 2020

OK, the USN Likes to Bear Bait


There was a little incident a month ago that kept coming back in to my mind. My guess is that my subconscious was bothered, as it is on a usual basis, that the article did not come with a map.  

You might recall the story ... one in a long list of similar stories;
Russia says one of its warships caught and chased off a US Navy destroyer after it entered territorial waters in the Sea of Japan on Tuesday.

Moscow accused the USS John S McCain of travelling 2km (1.2 miles) across its maritime border in Peter the Great Gulf and says it threatened to ram the ship.

The US warship then left the area, according to Russia.

However, the US Navy denied any wrongdoing and said its ship had not been "expelled".

The incident took place on Tuesday in the Sea of Japan, also known as the East Sea, a body of water bordered by Japan, Russia and the Koreas.
The BBC story just does not give you enough information. The key here is "Peter the Great Gulf." That is a lot more specific than "Sea of Japan."

Look for yourself, but in the upper right is the location. No, the marker is not where the close formation exercise took place, just the center of the Gulf.

That is right off Vladivostok. 

No wonder the Russians are a little more touchy than usual. That is their Norfolk or San Diego.

So, sure, we were getting in their business - as we like to do. I'll cut Ivan some slack.

As a side note, the Russian ship is the same one that gave the CHANCELLORSVILLE a little nudge a few years ago - the Admiral Vinogradov. One of the remaining beautiful Udaloy destroyers. 

Pretty girl.

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