Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Deadheading to Buy Time with Iran


Perhaps one day the full story will come out how Iran's top nuclear weapons scientist was taken out, but until then we'll just have to give a nod of respect to the Israeli's ability to execute superb clandestine operations in the Islamic Republic.

Tom Rogan at the Washington Examiner has a nice "Top-5 Takeaways" list you really should read in full ... but here's the summary:

1) Biden will not be able to return America to the JCPOA nuclear accord without significant complication
2) There was likely some U.S. intelligence support for this operation
3) Israel's covert intelligence presence on Iranian soil is growing
4) The attack will fuel Iran's paranoia and provoke retaliation
5) This attack doesn't portend U.S. or Israeli military action against Iran's nuclear facilities
Especially #4.

Just amazing capabilities for such a small nation. Having everyone around you trying to kill you does focus the mind a bit.

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