Monday, July 06, 2020

Monday Moody? Don't Read This Post.

If you think The Long Game and Terrible 20s series are a bit of a downer, well, you can always pick up Admiral James A. Winnefeld Jr.,USN (Ret.) in the July Proceedings for some light reading;
Today we live in a deteriorating security environment. The global operating system that kept the United States and its allies secure and prosperous in the wake of the world wars is gradually unraveling. Meanwhile, over­attention to the distractions of extremism and self-alienated nations has masked persistent decay in the U.S. military’s capability and capacity relative to ambitious major competitors.

This erosion may hasten the end of the most recent in a series of long-wave geopolitical cycles, which usually culminate in a war the belligerents did not expect. A major test of U.S. power, which some would contend is already under way, could signal the end of the current cycle.
If this sounds familiar, it should.

This fits in perfectly with something we've discussed here many times; it is just a matter of "when" China decides that it needs to challenge us at sea to kick us back to "our" side of the international date line.

Read it all.

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