Friday, November 15, 2019

Fullbore Friday

As I mentioned Wednesday, I have a soft spot for the name "Shangri-La" for aircraft carriers. It has a great story to it, and just sounds cool as hell.

Bill Schultz reminded me that there is a simply awesome video available of a unique and underappreciated time in naval aviation; the early 1960s.

What an incredible time of change and advancement ... and a time yet warped by the war that would dominate the rest of the decade.

So, let's take a moment to give tribute to those Sailors of the early-60s ... in glorious technicolor, on the USS Shangri-La (CV 38), circa 1962, somewhere in the Mediterranean Sea.

Crusaders, Skyrays, Skyhawks, Skyraiders ... just glorious.

From the film Flying Clipper, (1962). Narration by Burl Ives.

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