Thursday, October 03, 2019

The Navy Defines Professionalism Down

I can hear Mama Salamander right now;
If everyone else jumped off a cliff, would you?
This is wrong in so many ways.
Starting Monday, Navy personnel will walk the Pentagon’s corridors dressed in green as the service falls in line with the other military branches who years ago authorized wearing utility uniforms throughout much of official Washington.

On Oct. 1, the green camouflage Navy Working Uniform (NWU) Type III officially supplanted the Type I, popularly known as the “Blueberries.” In doing so, the Navy worldwide joined the other service branches in donning a camouflage pattern composed of mostly a green d├ęcor.

However, by authorizing Navy personnel in the Pentagon, on the Navy Yard and at several other facilities in and around Naval District Washington (NDW) to hang up their khakis and wear the Type III Saturday through Thursday each week, the Navy is bucking a long-standing policy of using a more formal working attire in the nation’s capital.
I didn't like it after 911 when other services did it. The fact we are following their mistake is beyond understanding.

Why no?
1. I see the people in the Metro. They are sloppy looking, unkempt, and seem out of place.
2. In a republic of a free people, its military should not be wearing a combat uniform in the nations capital as daily wear. It sends the wrong message.

Mostly, it is just an unprofessional look.

Are our leaders so ashamed to be Sailors that they are content to let everyone be mistaken for being a Soldier or Marine?

Just a poor, patronizing, and wrong headed call.

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