Tuesday, October 29, 2019

ASW Readiness Points for All my Friends

Man oh man oh man ... to be in the Atlantic fleet in 2019 ... I love no other warfare area more than ASW, and the Russians are coming out to play.

Via the Barents Observer;
On Saturday, the Barents Observer reported about two of the Sierra-class submarines of the Northern Fleet sailing towards the Norwegian Sea for deep-sea dive tests and weapon tests. The two submarines are the «Pskov» and «Nizhny Novgorod», both built with a titanium-hull.

- Eight of the ten submarines now at sea are nuclear-powered, the intelligence service says to NRK.

- The intelligence service claim to have «a decent control» over where the submarines are in the sea.

- Two nuclear submarines are west of the Bear Island, between Svalbard and Finnmark, the northernmost part of mainland Norway.

Two submarines are south and east of the Bear Island, guarding the entrance to the eastern part of the Barents Sea.

Two Sierra-class nuclear submarines are training in the northern part of the Norwegian Sea.
Excellent troll by the Norwegians.

Also, my dear Mother Russia ... only two west of Bear Island?

Come on Ivan, don't be such a cuck. Come west ... come south ... come out to play.

You can't buy training like this.

Send the COD ... MTH & I will slip on a pair of coveralls and are ready to get back to work.

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