Tuesday, July 23, 2019

South Korea Joins the Carrier Club

If carriers were yesterday's news - I don't think more and more people would be joining the club.

First, here is the more recent South Korean flattop, the LPH MARADO, with just a hint of an angled deck.

You can take that and double it.

Via Jeff Joeng at DefenseNews;
South Korea is to launch a new version of a large-deck landing ship from which short-takeoff-and-vertical-landing aircraft can operate by the late 2020s, amid naval buildups in China and Japan.

The decision was made during a July 12 meeting of top brass presided over by Gen. Park Han-ki, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Anti-Japanese sentiment in South Korea is gaining traction over Tokyo’s export restrictions on high-tech materials to South Korea.

“The plan of building the LPH-II ship has been included in a long-term force buildup plan,” said a spokesman for the Joint Chiefs, speaking on condition of anonymity and using an acronym for “landing platform helicopter.”

“Once a preliminary research is completed within a couple of years, the shipbuilding plan is expected to be included in the midterm acquisition list,” the spokesman added.

The new LPH is to be refit to displace 30,000 tons, double the capacity of the previous two LPHs — Dokdo and Marado — with 14,500 tons of displacement. The carrier-type vessel is also bigger than the 27,000 tons associated with Japan’s Izumo-class helicopter destroyers.
The iterative vice transformational approach to naval shipbuilding is still being practiced ... and is working.

I look forward to the F-35B orders to join their F-35A buys.

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