Monday, December 03, 2018

How an Officer Acts When Captured by the Enemy

In the last few years we've seen examples from some, ahem, navies of how officers should not behave when captured by a hostile power and that power tries to use you for propaganda purposes.

What is a positive example? I give you Senior Lieutenant Roman Mokriak, Ukrainian Navy.
Ukrainian naval officer Lt. Roman Mokriak remained loyal to Kiev even as most of the crew of his submarine defected when Russia annexed Crimea in 2014.

Now one of 24 Ukrainian sailors Russia detained after it fired on and captured their ships, he has defied the Kremlin again, refusing to speak with security-service agents or record a video confession, his lawyer said.
He is a good officer, and a brave person. He flipped the security officers off. The Crimean occupation “court” arrested Roman,”
Note the shell hole towards the end of the video at the link above and the pic at start of the post.

This was more than just a shouldering of a tug.

Hat tip DBL.

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