Monday, October 15, 2018

Shock Early ... but not Often

This was a bit of a surprise, and a welcome one.

Let's do it now and get it out of the was as others in the Class are being built;
It was reported earlier this year that the Navy requested to delay shock trials by up to 6 years. The request sought to designate the next ship in the new class, the USS John F. Kennedy, to go through shock trials. The test was previously scheduled for the Ford for late 2019, but officials requested a delay to make sure that the program was ready for the testing. This request comes with the Navy’s stated intention to get the Ford ready for deployment as soon as possible.
This falls in line with a change we've seen in the last year. There is a new focus on readiness and the long term vice the now.

Very welcome. The world today will be OK with a little less presence of the USN. The war tomorrow will demand combat ready and effective forces.

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