Friday, November 04, 2016

Fullbore Friday

I perhaps need to be careful here, but the truth is the truth. 

As a nation, the USA in the last few decades made some questionable calls when it came to how we treated those we took prisoner.  Yes, as I have stated before, they were to a man unlawful combatants etc. They wore no uniform of any hostile nation. That isn't what we are fighting - but - we still took a detour I don't think we have more than reflexively emoted about. Another topic for another day perhaps.

Perhaps the memory of how the Japanese treated our POW combined with our Korean War and Vietnam War experiences with same warped our view a bit.

What few realize is that - all the evil of the Nazi Germany being what it was - their treatment of Western POWs was good, with rare exceptions. Especially the POW kept by the Luftwaffe.

We should not forget that many good Germans served their nation as best as they could. Many quickly became our friends and allies. Heck, in the closing days of the war we even fought with them against the Nazis.

With all the above, I'd like you to trust me on this. Take in your image a German WWII interrogator. Let that soak in a bit. 

Imagine that even though he was considered the best there was, he became lifelong friends with those he interrogated - even those he sent to "The Cooler" for a month.

Now, I want you to think of a man, Hanns Scharff of the WWII Luftwaffe. One of the best there has ever been of any nation. Perhaps some of you have read the book about him, but probably not. 

A lot more of you have enjoyed his other handy work, but didn't even know it.

Either way, take some time to listen to a great man, a superb interrogator, and an exemplary military professional - Hanns Scharff

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