Saturday, August 06, 2016

Back in the day, "Poke Finder" meant something completely different

I would like to thank CNRF for my weekend LOL.
-- To all COMNAVRESFOR commands and units with government issued devices:

The Pokémon GO, Poke Rader, and PokeFinder applications are not approved for government furnished devices. Reserve Sailors that have downloaded any of these applications should remove them immediately by following the instructions below:

1) Press and hold the application icon until the 'x' appears.

2) Select the 'x' to uninstall.

If you are unaware if it has been installed, please check that you have not used your personal Apple ID to log in.

1) Go to Settings iTunes & App Store

2) Validate the Apple ID

3) It should not be your personal Apple ID acct but your gov't email acct (as instructed in the iOS User Setup Guide)

4) If you are logged in with your personal Apple ID please select the Apple ID and select Sign Out and then sign in using your gov't Apple ID account.

Please contact the COMNAVRESFOR N6 department help desk with questions or concerns at 757-322-2489.

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