Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Anjem Choudary; Not Free, at Last

One of the great blights on the Mother Country in recent years has been how long she was played by that hateful Islamic Radical, Anjem Choudary (Peas be Upon Him). 

From gaming the welfare system, to radicalizing who knows how many people and injecting fear every time he spoke, etc - you should all know his background. If not, shame on you.

For those who know this sad tale - this is a good day. Years past from when there should have been action taken, but a good day none the less.
One of the UK's most notorious radical clerics has been convicted of inviting others to support the so-called Islamic State, it can now be reported.

Police said Anjem Choudary, 49, had stayed "just within the law" for years, but was arrested in 2014 after pledging allegiance to the militant group.

Many people tried for serious terror offences were influenced by his lectures and speeches, police said.
Choudary was convicted alongside confidant Mohammed Mizanur Rahman.

Counter-terrorism chiefs have spent almost 20 years trying to bring Choudary, a father of five, to trial, blaming him, and the proscribed organisations which he helped to run, for radicalising young men and women.
Let's see how long they put him away. We have room in Gitmo.

Do know this; the horrible delay in holding this guy to account has cost lives. This PC cancer has blood of the innocent all over it him.

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