Monday, March 21, 2016

Strange Tango in the South Atlantic

Now and then you see something unusual pop up that you don’t usually see. One bump up from the ambient noise is just a random bit that can be dismissed, another bump – and it is time to zoom in, adjust your resolution and time-constant. 

When you have some secondary broadband noise in the background – you have to take a moment to investigate further.

Argentina and China seem to have a strange dance going on. SOUTHCOM J2, call your office.

The lawless ocean filled with illegal Chinese fishermen strip-mining fishing stocks? Check.
Argentina's navy announced Tuesday that it used gunfire to sink a Chinese-flagged boat that was fishing illegally in national waters.

China's government said it expressed its serious concern to Argentina and called for an investigation

The navy statement said the boat was intercepted Monday off the coast of Puerto Madryn, about 907 miles (1,460 kilometers) south of Buenos Aires.

The statement said the boat did not heed warning calls and instead tried to ram an Argentine naval vessel. Sailors then shot holes in different parts of the fishing boat, causing it to sink, the navy said.

Four people on board were rescued and arrested. They remained in custody and were to go before a federal judge in southern Chubut province, the statement said.
China’s expansion in to space and moving in to global dark areas you wouldn’t expect? Check.
A secret Chinese 'space station' built deep in Argentina's Patagonia region could be finished by the end of the year.
Four years ago leaders from the two countries worked on a deal to build the 'Deep Space Station'.
The counties have talked about a 'ground station in the Southern Hemisphere' to support the program for 'moon exploration and other space activities'
But there are concerns the base will have a more military focus than one of space exploration.
Not sure what if anything these have to do with each other – but it is worth watching and perhaps sending out for detailed analysis.

China, Argentina and the Week of the Weird, OK.

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