Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Friends Come and Go; Enemies Accumulate

In general, when I hear that someone who served is running for office, I nod my head with a validating eyebrow that says, "Good. We need more of that."

Not everyone that serves should get a pass though. There are great people who have never served, and some who have that should really just ... well ... not even.

In the course of a life, especially one that tries to transfer what you did while you served to make a living when you become a civilian, you will gather friends and opponents. That is only natural.

When you decide to go political you should have a dog, a thick skin, and be prepared. It is fine and a natural part of the vetting process.

That is why it is interesting to see to what degree a candidate takes incoming fire, the nature of the fire, its accuracy, and intensity. When that fire comes what should be friendly territory, then it is time to take notice.

Today's case in point; Eric Robert Greitens, the soon to be 42 year old former SEAL, aspiring politician, and author of three books of a rather peculiar genre of what may be best described as self-referential self-improvement books.

His latest venture, after party-shopping, is to go for the Governor's billet in the Show Me State.

As the story is complicated, I will let the video below speak for itself. I've asked around a bit, and from some exceptionally reliable sources that have zip to do with MO politics (NB: neither do I, as a matter of fact MO is one of only 11 States I have not been to), the points made in the below video roughly check out. 

Who made the video and why? They answer that here - but for now, watch the video and investigate for yourself.

The story is in the press the last few days, and he has replied on his website here, and a few others are coming to his defense.

This is bizarre and I think the next month or so things will flesh themselves out. He really needs to flesh out his record he has on his website. If you are going to do that ... do that. 

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