Friday, November 20, 2015

Fullbore Friday

In a moment, character is demonstrated. What more is there to say about men like Ludo Boumbas? His actions speak all we need to know.
A woman who survived the Paris massacre thanks to the hero of La Belle Equipe café who turned himself into a human shield and took a bullet for her is in hospital so traumatised she keeps repeating her saviour’s name.

Chloe Clement was inside the café celebrating a friend's 35th birthday when it was struck by a hail of bullets during Friday night's carnage.

The happy occasion became a nightmare when two gunmen opened fire and her friends and colleagues began falling dead around her.

As Chloe stood frozen in the middle of the slaughter, her friend Ludo Boumbas threw himself in between her and the gunman.

Ludo sacrificed himself, but Chloe survived the deadly assault with a bullet wound to the arm.
She now lies in a hospital bed, remembering her many friends and colleagues who died during the birthday celebrations.

'She was on morphine and was in shock. She would barely speak,' said the manager of Café des Anges, 27-year-old Virgile Grunberg, who went to visit Chloe in hospital.
'She felt guilty because Ludovic died for her. She just kept repeating his name again and again.' 

Ludo's family have hailed his selfless bravery and called him 'a hero'.
An unnamed friend told MailOnline: 'Ludo threw himself forward to protect a girl and took the bullet. 
'She was also shot, but she survived and is in hospital. 
'He loved travelling the world and above all he loved people. He was just one of life's good, good people. He didn't stand a chance.' 

Ludo, who worked in systems solutions for FedEX, was also at the birthday party of waitress Houda Saadi when gunmen dressed in bullet proof vests moved in.
The majority of the 19 victims at the café were from the birthday celebrations.
Five members of staff from a cafe called the 'Café of Angels', were wiped out in the tragedy together with six of their friends.
Read the full article and ponder the evil we are facing. To avoid looking at it, many are enjoying the petty political rabbit holes they are jumping down - showing more anger at those of the other political party than at those who want nothing more than destory even the simple pleaseures of Western Civilization.

Ponder, but then think again of Ludo and men like him. They are all around us, and we are lucky to have them. 

When our times comes to be measured by our actions, may we at least have a shadow of the character he displayed.


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