Monday, November 16, 2015

... and then there was Paris

No thinking person on either side of the Atlantic should have been surprised by the attack in Paris. There were simply another in a line of smaller attacks on France this year. This one just was better manned, trained, and equipped than the others.

For decades, despite evidence and experience, Europe in general and France in particular has allowed the continued immigration of a people who do not, as a body, assimilate and are hostile to their host culture. They do not wish to become part of it; they first want to feed off it it, then destroy then replace it.

There are individual exceptions to that general fact, but the exception does not disprove the larger reality. Just wander the streets in Malmo, Rotterdam, Brussels, and on the edges of Paris, London, Frankfurt ... I could go on and on. It is all there for those who are brave enough to see it.

The violence that is coming with this mindless openness to invasion is just a natural byproduct of the source nations’ culture. It is compounded by the fact that we are in a waxing phase of Islam that is characterized by radicalism and violence - as have other waxing phases Islam through history. Their religion calls for it, and when the moment is right, the call is answered by millions. Always has been, always will be.

There will be more attacks, and deadlier attacks. Most will be in Europe because they have more "water" that the terrorist "fish" can swim in. They will attack again here as well. Never be shocked, but ask - will the politicians take serious action this time, or will they simply make their decisions based on what those self-preening leftists who live behind gated communities and secure walls will write about them, and hopefully will invite them to all the right parties and conferences.

I will repeat this often; nations and cultures are not required to commit suicide – no to allow leaders to drive them in that direction.

As for France's response to this attack, we should give them time. Though initial reactions are strong, history tells us not to expect much follow through.

The attacks on Madrid in 2004 only resulted in Spain doing exactly what the terrorists wanted - they withdrew from being a surprisingly strong leader in the war against Islamic radicalism. They voted Socialist and that produced the expected result, as always.

The London attacks of 2007 resulted in little more than a horrible eye sore of a memorial in Hyde Park that generations that follow will despise their ancestors from putting up.

France has the lead on how they want to respond, and we should do all we should to support and encourage them - but there are some structural items that should dampen anyone who is hoping for a vigorous response from the West.

1. France is led by the Socialist Party. Faster than any other party, after the initial cohesion, Socialist parties will soon fracture as their anti-war and petty internal politics start to disaggregate a united front. Hollande may try to rally his party to the flag, but it won't have much sticking power.

2. The USA is led by Barak Obama. His presence and leadership in such matters are a powerful as soaking wet Wonder Bread. France has limited ability to do much expeditionary by itself in Syria without USA standing shoulder to shoulder. France's only other option is Russia. That would be if France's Socialist government wants to do anything but a month of posturing and lobbing a dozen bombs every other day for a week or so. One would hope we would act shoulder to shoulder with France, but hope is not a plan and Obama’s Biden-spun track record is clear.

3. It will need to get worse until it gets better. Europe still has not come to terms with the army of hundreds of thousands of military aged young men from the radicalized Islamic world who are already inside her borders - with thousands of more coming every day. This is what you need to watch. Until they start taking measures to stop and reverse the flow - and sharply reduce incentives for more to come - then they can do all they want in Syria, the terrorist threat will only grow.

The primary responsibility of government is to protect its citizens. Especially in densely populated Europe with already high structural unemployment, the role of government is not to let hundreds of thousands of non-citizen, undereducated, unemployable, radicalized, young men of military age from a violent, misogynist rape culture soak in their cities to live off of public welfare. Governments that intentionally tax their citizens, and create a less safe environment for their citizens will not last.

In the political elite's desire to have all the usual leftist media, arts, and organizations say nice things about them, they are creating the conditions for strife, violence, and civic disharmony. For years, the European people have been looking for establishment politicians to listen and act on their concerns. That cry is getting louder. If it continues to be unanswered, the people will turn to anti-establishment politicians. Those will be outside the center-right and center-left consensus that has ruled Europe since WWII. Since the self-loathing voter-importing left actually has been the driving force in supporting the policies that created the situation they find themselves in, that means the people cannot find their answers in the left. If the center right will not provide it, then the people will continue to search the radical fringe.

Maybe the French Socialist government will prove me wrong, but I'm willing to bet not. One thing I do know, there will be more and deadlier attacks, and more people will wonder - when will the governments react to protect their people?

What must be done? Simple, really. Two things must be done in parallel;

- First, help the Arab world and the Muslim world host their own refugees. 
- Next, stop all refugee migration and return those who have already arrived. 

Europe will have their hands full the rest of this century with native born radicals, there is no reason to make it worse by importing more.

For the USA? Learn from Europe. Act accordingly.

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