Tuesday, September 29, 2015

A Handmaiden to Your Rivals

How do you capture such a cascade of foreign policy failure in one, quick little post?

We have three main rivals in this world, all three represent in their own way the boot stamping on a human face forever; Russia, Iran, and China.

It is one thing when your rivals make progress on their own in the face of steady pressure - but to be the catalyst of your own relative decline and their advance? 

In just three short years, it is breathtaking.

Just three years ago, President Obama mocked anyone who tried to warn of Russia's negative potential. China was rarely seen west of Burma (I refuse to call it Myanmar), and Iran was kept under the stress of being isolated by sanctions.

Though there was no one bad decision on the USA's part to help them, one can point to the final push that gave them all a quick rush forward.

Working against the will of the American people, the Obama Administration handed Iran a huge victory in sanctions release. We lost face and they gained access to billions. With those billions of dollars, they are about to go on a buying spree of Russian weapons - effectively transferring that capital to Russia.

The Chinese have used the opening to secure access to more affordable oil and to cement a foothold in the region that will play out in ways we do not know.

Iran and Russia's influence in Iraq has grown. Even Israel is working closer with the Russians now.

Already encouraged by American weakness and fecklessness, the Russians moved in to Syria in force.

I do not subscribe to the Obama Administration malice, I simply acknowledge its incompetence.

We elected a community organizer with contempt for the nation he leads. His foreign policy shop is a horror show of bad ideas from R2P to the present SECSTATE - a man who in a time of war, executed a blood libel against his own Shipmates.

Joe Biden in the CINC's ears the last 7 yrs or so? As former SECDEF Bob Gates said;
I think he has been wrong on nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades,”
From leader of the free world, to leading from behind, to sucking our collective thumb on the sidelines.

There is a fundamental transformation for you. Bask in it America, you voted for it twice. Own it, as we will be living with the consequences for decades.

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