Monday, August 03, 2015

More launch options the better

Private enterprise and a lot of open space will continue to be two of America's best assets.

Oh, and the big American flags on the vertical stabilizers ... nice.
... in 2016, ... it will officially be the largest plane in the world. That massive aircraft is known as the Stratolaunch.

The Stratolaunch is currently in production at California’s Mojave Air and Space Port. Aerospace firm Scaled Composites has headed-up development of the mammoth aircraft, and befitting such a sizable plane, the technical details are jaw-dropping. Stratolaunch, nicknamed “Roc” after the mythical bird of prey, features two fuselages, six Pratt & Whitney jet engines, 28 landing gear wheels, and a whopping 385 foot wingspan.

“If you were to put the center of this airplane on a football field,” mentions Scaled Composites president Kevin Mickey in a KGET interview, “its wingtips would extend beyond the goalposts by about 15 feet on each side.”

Dual use technology ... youbetcha.

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