Thursday, August 06, 2015

Diversity Thursday

Sometimes, you just need to provide the outside world a snapshot in to the daily workings of others to show their true nature.

Though our leaders are much more benign in practice and well meaning in thought, I don't think we have seen such an interest in placing people in racial categories since the Nazis, nor such a belief in the one drop rule since the KKK - than we seem to have accepted within our lifelines in the Navy.

Here is one snapshot to show how common and banal it has all become. Goals for NROTC applications? Sure, we have them;

This cancer will eat us alive. This adoption of a socio-political agenda wholesale will bring no good to our Fleet or our nation.

As Milo puts it;
Since the 1970s, social psychologists have been aware that emphasising differences between groups leads to mistrust and hostility. In a series of landmark experiments, the psychologist Henri Tajfel found that even wearing different-coloured shirts was enough for groups to begin displaying signs of mistrust.

So guess what happens when you tell everyone that their worth, their ability, their right to speak on certain subjects and – shudder – their “privilege” is based on what they were born with, rather than any choices they’ve made or who they are?

It’s possible that feminists mistrust the likes of O’Malley and Sanders because they’re male. Or gay progressives mistrust them because they’re straight. Or trans activists mistrust them because they’re cis.

This is what the future of progressivism looks like: blacks fighting gays fighting lesbians fighting trans fighting everyone else. It’s the iron law of victimhood-driven identity politics. Someone has to win, and everyone else has to lose.

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