Tuesday, February 10, 2015

FA-XX; so far, so good

Now and then, you get a few nuggets in open source that gives one confidence that with FA-XX we may get things right.

First point, it looks like the Navy is going their own way. Second, we are bringing on a team with a good track record.
The US military is seeking to avoid the pitfalls of recent aircraft acquisition programmes as it plans for development of sixth-generation fighters.
The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) will lead the effort in cooperation with the navy and air force, Kendall says. .

Both also the US air force and navy set aside small amounts of money in their 2016 budget proposals to quietly continue development of sixth-generation fighter aircraft that would enter service around 2030. DARPA’s budget for the AII is classified.

The air force included an $8 million next generation air dominance (NGAD) aircraft while the navy set aside $5 million for what it calls the FA-XX next generation fighter. Neither appropriation is a new-start for the services. Funding for NGAD fell from $15 million in the current fiscal year. Funding for the navy’s effort staid relatively flat from the $4.9 million it received in fiscal 2015.
Would be great to see a tight timeline to shadows on the ramp, the victory of the evolutionary over the revolutionary, and the triumph of the doable good over the illusional perfect. For now though, progress.

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