Thursday, February 05, 2015

A Global War Led by a King

With the major Arab powers doing their best to run away, the European powers shifting their eyes left and right waiting for someone to do what they willfully forgot how to do, and the USA pretending to be checking its twitter feed; it appears that at this phase of the long war, the leader of the forces of modernity is the Hashemite King of Jordan, Abdullah II.

Hey, at least he looks the part - and someone has to step forward. 

If you believe, like I do, that the Islamic State is only going to be destroyed by Muslim opposition, then you will need a Muslim taking the lead. When you look a the Arab and Muslim world, is there another leader who has both the will or the ability? A Hashemite King? That is about a central casting as you can get.

Europe lacks the will or ability to even do the right thing on their own continent, and the American people are getting what they voted for twice, good and hard. I would not expect much change in either condition any time soon. The world will just have to do with a diminished American effort and fill the best as it can, where it can.

So, who is he and we are fighting? The Islamic State's modern incarnation of Thulsa Doom's Snake Cult has a leader, structure, and in a fashion, a government, judicial and PR department ... but ... who are they?

Well - they are legion. They are them and they are us. They are there, and if not killed, they will be coming back to wherever you call here.

Look at the numbers; if you are the King of Jordan, you have more of a problem than most. If you must fight them, best to do it at the time and place that is best. Now is a good time.

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